A New Molecular Device for the Rapid Detection of Microorganisms  and Antibiotic Resistance Genes.

Severe acute bacterial infections are a huge and growing burden in health care – although various antibiotics are readily available, today‘s lack of timely diagnostics prevents adequate therapy in around 40% of the cases. Here we describe a new approach for the rapid detection of pathogens causing pneumonia in hospitalized patients – the CuretisUnyvero™ P50 Pneumonia Solution: an instrument platform in combination with a disposable cartridge which detects 17 microorganisms as well as 22 antibiotic resistance markers. The use native patient samples in combination with the simultaneous detection of pathogens and resistance markers offers significant time-savings, resulting in ~5 hours for the Unyvero™ results compared up to 72 hours for classical clinical microbiology. Clinical data generated to date shows excellent sample preparation quality even in complex samples as well as promising sensitivity at 80.6 % and specificity at 96 %, thus has the potential to improve the standard of care as shown in initial clinical evaluations.