The general philosophy behind the A.EL.VIS ELISPOT Analysis Software was to maximize user friendliness and at the same time offer best productivity and flexibility for your daily work in the lab. Thus, after a very short training computer in-experienced lab personal or students can start working with the system. At the same time the error detection routines and the built-in quality controls (as reflected by e.g. the comments to each well on counting reliability) further reduce the time an ELISPOT experienced examiner needs to control the reliability of count results.

Concerning the hardware A.EL.VIS instruments claim to be off highest quality and made for a lifetime in your lab.

Last but not least A.EL.VIS and its worldwide distributors offer an excellent after sales service in order to solve the customer requirements although after they paid their bill.

In conclusion the A.EL.VIS products may be a real step forward to use the ELISPOT Assay as a valuable medical diagnostic assay system under routine conditions.